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I am a research scientist with the Iowa Bone Development Study, our team is completing a third NIH grant cycle studying physical activity in relationship to bone strength. For 15 years, I have used ActiGraph devices in my research from the 7165 to the GT3X+. And with well over 11,000 days of monitor use, I have lost less than 1% of data to monitor malfunction. This speaks not only to the quality of the product but also to the fast and persistent trouble shooting of the ActiGraph support team. Real people answer the phones at ActiGraph (even during tropical storms and the occasional hurricane) and they are committed to answering questions and ensuring that their product is accurate and reliable. We are looking forward to grant cycle number four and our continued collaboration with ActiGraph.

Dr. Kathleen Janz

Iowa Bone Development
University of Iowa

As a physical activity measurement specialist, I need a suite of customized algorithms and nuanced data screening tools. I’ve come to rely exclusively on ActiLife software to meet these needs. The ActiLife platform is robust and intuitive, and the software team are incredibly receptive and responsive to the changing science of accelerometry measurement and analysis. I’d be lost without it.

Simon Marshall, PhD

School of Medicine
University of California, San Diego

The FADEUP group has worked with ActiGraph accelerometers since 1998 (which were formerly known as the CSA/MTI monitors). We believe ActiGraph to be pioneers in the field of accelerometry, and through the years they have continued to innovate their products to address the research community’s changing needs for objective measures of physical activity. Even for researchers overseas, ActiGraph’s support staff is able to answer questions promptly and solve any technical problems as they arise. As new questions develop in the research field, we have requested improvements to the software analysis and device capability, and ActiGraph has addressed these in due time. ActiGraph’s greatest strength as a company is that they do not just sell a product. Their support staff assures the appropriate use of the devices and they constantly update their system based on the most current published research, thus assuring better quality of the analyzed data and the investigation published in reference papers.

José Carlos Ribeiro

Research Center in Physical Activity Health and Leisure
University of Porto, Sports Faculty

The ActiGraph accelerometer has been the mainstay of our physical activity assessment unit for over 12 years. Physical activity assessment and promotion has been the focus of 5 NIH-funded studies, all of which exclusively utilize ActiGraph accelerometers. The dependability and accuracy of the device has kept us competitive over the past decade, but it is the customer service that keeps us coming back to ActiGraph. They truly listen to the consumer for both hardware and software development. ActiGraph never fails to come through for us. Their assistance in grant planning and execution is a key ingredient to our success!

Pamela A. Semanik, PhD APN

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

The ActiGraph accelerometer is the only accelerometer and company that I would personally endorse. As a physical activity assessment device, it has the most validity and reliability support within the scientific literature, and is used across the globe. In conducting multiple trials with this device, both small and large scale, we have always found it to be robust, easy to use, and tolerant for our varied subject populations. The software has dramatically improved over the years, as the company has listened closely to the needs and wants of consumers, and the directions within the research literature. I am continually amazed by their customer support, fast, responsive, and extremely helpful with a genuine desire to help. When asked, this is the device that I would always recommend to individuals who seek to assess physical activity behavior.

Scott J. Strath, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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